Techniques to achieve better control over thoughts, actions and feelings, and become the best version of yourself.

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Meditation is the most known technique associated with Buddhism. Its benefits are quite accepted in the scientific community, take for instance this article from Harvard Gazette.

I learned how to meditate thirteen years ago, while I was finishing an engineering degree.

Many years later I discovered that Buddhism has much more to offer,
and I’m not talking about faith at all.

After finishing my studies I started working in a company where I thrived. Money came easy and I was able to marry the woman that I’m still in love with, and move to a major city. …

Keys to success from a fruitful salesman who pissed me off.

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Long ago I met a senior salesman called R who was very successful. He never did his work but managed to get it done by others instead. He was kind of gifted at asking the right person at the right time and, at the end, he always delivered on-time high-quality work that was mostly done by others and just compiled up by him.

It is not that he didn’t credited people who helped him, but in the eyes of high management, he was the one to be credited.

— It’s all right to ask better suited people to collaborate, they…

Los usuarios de Excel no programan, y a los programadores no les interesa Excel así que el potencial de VBA sigue siendo una tierra baldía entre estos dos mundos para muchos usuarios.

Este artículo te permitirá escribir tus propios programas y funciones de Excel personalizadas con independencia de tu nivel actual.

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Escribo esto con un enfoque muy directo, por que aunque hay muchos blogs de VBA buenísimos, no consiguen romper la barrera para que las personas que no saben programar puedan empezar a utilizar este lenguaje.

Mi objetivo es ayudar a tantas personas como sea posible a mejorar la forma…

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It feels great when people agree with you. Doesn’t it? A warm feeling of acceptance and importance. This response to social approval is nothing new, it dates back to the very origin of our species, at least 40.000 years ago.

When we lived in dark caves, our ancestors’ survival strategy was to join together in small communities. The tribe was key to survival, so our brains evolved to give us a hormonal reward triggered by the acceptance of our fellows.

A sweet chemical candy in return for contributing to the welfare of the community.

But we don’t live in caves…

This 2500 year old Chinese war treaty can give you some improvement guide lines even nowadays. In fact, “The Art of War” has inspired not only military but all sorts of civilians throughout the centuries.

I shaped some of my personality traits and habits after the principles of “The Art of War”, and when it comes to handling tough situations they are really game changing.

I’ve read it over a dozen times since I got a copy, and even six years later I still take a quick read every now and then to remind some worthy learnings.

To make it…

Excel users don’t program, and programmers don’t care about Excel so the potential of VBA remains a wasteland between these two worlds for a lot of users.

By the end of this article you’ll be able to write your own simple programs and customized Excel functions regardless of your current level.

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I’am writing this with a really straight forward approach, because although there are a lot of great VBA blogs out there, they fail at breaking the barrier for most non-programers to start with it.

My goal is to help as much people as possible improving their work with some…

Delegating is not about selfishly getting others to do your job, but about getting the most out of the organization. If you want to know the benefits, and a really good strategy for doing it effectively, then keep reading.

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01:00 p.m., the office is pitch black except for one window, Jacob’s window. He has been working for more than 16 hours. That’s not even legal in most countries, but Sweet&Co’s project must be delivered tomorrow and Cox Corp can’t afford to lose this client. …

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During my career, I have had the opportunity of working in different controlling positions: Industrial, logistics, finance, commercial, etc. Every controlling role is different, even within the same company, but I think I have come across a pattern that fits most of them. This is a personal strategy shaped over the years and one that could be helpful for many controllers, and possibly any kind of professional.

1. Let your computer work for you.

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Rose has an important task, she is in charge of the Annual Sales Convention of Cox Corp, the firm she works for. She has everything under control, but a few days before the convention she encounters an email from the hotel they booked apologizing for not being able to host the event due to force majeure. The email has been in the “spam” inbox for two weeks. They could have solved it at that time, but now it’s too late. Her boss, Barbara, is very strict, mistakes are not allowed. The room starts spinning, everything looks fuzzy and she feels…

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Engineer, MBA and amateur writer.

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